P.O. Stanley C. Lupinski of Town of Goshen Police Helps Give Abused Children to the Abuser

Date: Decmber 10, 2011
Location: 876 Pulaski HWY, Goshen, NY
Perpetrators: Jurema Laboy Padilla, Carmen Mercedes Diaz, P.O. James A. Boyd and Stanley C. Lupinski, Town of Goshen PD
Offence: Kidnapping, Conspiracy, Aiding and Abetting, Obstruction of Justice, Endangering the Welfare of Children, Suppressing Evidence, Making False Sworn Written Statements, and Failure to Perform Duties

Description of Incident:

My wife left my daughter in tub of cold water unattended.  My nine month son was also trying to climb into the tub.  When I discovered what was going on I asked Jurema Padilla why she did this and an argument began.  I didn’t believe that her actions warranted a call to the police.  However, she called her friend in Rockland County and had her call 911 for her. According to Jurema Laboy, Carmen Mercedes Diaz was the friend she called.

If someone truly believes that they are in danger and in need of police assistance they call 911 themselves.  Why in the world would they call someone else and have them call 911 for them?  Calling someone else to call 911 for you is an extra step that may or may not result in the police arriving.  Furthermore, why call someone in another county?  This is where it becomes clear that Carmen Diaz and Jurema Laboy were conspiring.

Officers James Boyd and Stanley C. Lupinski showed up at my door.  On cue, Jurema Padilla began crying saying she was afraid.  Remember, I had just reported her to Goshen Police for trying to drown my son and trying to rip my daughter out of the car the previous evening.  Officer Boyd was new to the case and asked me if I wanted to file a report and I said yes, but only because they were there and were going to file a report themselves of what occurred.  I had to go on the record and give my account of the incident. I wrote my report.  Lupinski asked my wife if she wanted to file a report.  My wife also wrote a report with Lupinski.  Lupinski then ordered me to let her leave with the kids for “a couple of hours.”  I insisted that he not allow that.  I told both officers she would disappear with the children.  I told Lupinski I had the recorded conversation of her admissions of abuses.  Lupinski asked me why I recorded a conversation with her as if that was something illegal.  I told him, “evidence”!  He became agitated.  I told him we were documenting our lives since 2004 for a film.  road-trip-documentary-bronx-times-articleHe didn’t believe me.  He ordered me to let her leave.  I looked for the recording but couldn’t find it.  I repeatedly told the officers that I witnessed her trying to drown my nine month old son on November 25, 2011, just two weeks earlier and that I had reported this to Officers Luke Markiewicz and Stanley Lupinski the night before  Inspite of the fact that Officer Lupinski was present for my previous report and this incident they ignored me.  The officers stated that they were now calling CPS.  Lupinski ordered me to stay home and wait for CPS to arrive.  The officers left.  No arrests.  No charges filed.  I waited for CPS.  My wife then frantically packed her car.  I recorded her with my phone as she left.  She said she would return by 7:30PM.  She stated that “a couple of hours” meant more than two hours.  Judge Debra J. Kiedaisch later found me guilty of harassment for this recording even though I was never charged, arrested, booked or processed for this alleged offence.  YOU CAN’T FIND PERSON GUILTY OF A CRIME THEY WERE NEVER ARRESTED FOR OR CHARGED WITH!  Although Kiedaisch claimed on paper that I was guilty of first degree harassment, I walked out of court a free man as a pro-se litigant.  Harassment in the first degree comes with a minimum jail sentence of 15 days and a maximum of one year.  I never spent a single second in jail nor was I ever charged with the misdemeanor.  Just to be clear, I also never had an attorney represent me so how could I accomplish this legal finesse?

S 240.25 Harassment in the first degree.

A person is guilty of harassment in the first degree when he or she intentionally and repeatedly harasses another person by following such person in or about a public place or places or by engaging in a course of conduct or by repeatedly committing acts which places such person in reasonable fear of physical injury. This section shall not apply to activities regulated by the national labor relations act, as amended, the railway labor act, as amended, or the federal employment labor management act, as amended.
Harassment in the first degree is a class B misdemeanor.


Kiedaisch’s ruling was meaningless.  She says I was guilty of harassment for recording video evidence of Jurema Padilla in my private driveway while kidnapping my children (my allegation against Jurema) however, Kiedaisch also said that I could post the same video on this website.  Yes, It doesn’t make sense.  Kiedaisch’s bogus ruling was illegal and contradictory.  She basically proved this by her dismissal with prejudice of Jurema Padilla’s later allegations of harassment via this website.  If I am guilty of harassment for shooting a video how could I then be protected by the same judge to post that same video on a website?

How could this happen?  It happens because family court judges can decide whatever they wish within the bounds of their courtrooms but, are sometimes smart enough not to carry out their ridiculous illegal rulings too far that could then bring the case before a criminal or civil court where their actions would be subject to scrutiny by real judges who unlike family court judges, are not just one small step above traffic court.


Evidence Location Type Timecode
Report and testimony The Highwaychild Investigations audio/video 53:56
P.O. James Boyd Report Image Below police report
P.O. James Boyd Report Image Below police report

Jurema Laboy, Evelyn Santos Parson, Joe Parson and Irving Rivera | Kidnapping Video

This video is cued up to this incident.

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