Orange County Family Court, Town of Goshen Police and CPS Implicated in Kidnapping

Town of Goshen Police, Orange County Family Court and CPS implicated in Kidnapping and Cover Up.

Ihave just released the 1 hour and 50 minute video of "The Highwaychild Investigations."  This video is intended to be viewed by Federal and State Law Enforcement Officials. This is the case for attempted murder, kidnapping and conspiracy. This is a criminal case. This is not a family court case. Family Court and Social Services have no jurisdiction in this case. An attorney cannot take this case. This is a case for a District Attorney, a States Attorney General, the F.B.I., the US Marshal or any local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction. This video was created to make a compelling case that felony crimes (A-1 felony crimes that come with a life sentence in prison) were committed and that my official, legally obtained evidence proves this. This is not entertainment. This is not a court of law.  I am not an attorney. This video is not for sale. It is here so that the authorities can review the case. Goshen Town Police, CPS and Judge Debra Kiedaisch don't want this case reviewed. If after watching this you believe that I have presented compelling evidence supporting my allegations then share this with the authorities.   If you think that I have committed a crime by posting this video then SHARE THIS WITH THE AUTHORITIES. If you do nothing and say nothing either are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

You can post comments to this here or on Facebook, but before you comment or state your opinion on this site or on social media where "comments" and "likes" change nothing, make your comments or statements to state and federal authorities first. Share the link to the video with them. Make it count. The contact info for the authorities are to the right.  You've been speaking up for total strangers on social media for years.   You've been posting and sharing videos of crimes committed against total strangers for years on social media.  You've been claiming that you oppose injustice.  Now its time to speak up for three children who you may know. These crimes haven't been investigated yet.  No arrests have been made.  Now they can because this complex case has been laid out and the evidence is compelling. There is no statute of limitations. After you have called a number to the right and reported this then and only your thoughts on the web.  The time for action is now.  The time for airing your opinion is over.

Summary of the Case

On November 25, 2011 I witnessed my wife trying to drown my nine month old son.  I intervened and he is still alive today.  Because Jurema Laboy had a history of making false allegations, when I realized what she was doing I knew that if I didn’t have evidence and I tried to report her she would retaliate by making false allegations against me.  My wife is a psychiatric nurse who worked with children and families for almost 15 years.   Part of her job was taking parents to family court and helping them word their statements.  She was also required to work with A.C.S. caseworkers, so she knew the system well and she could manipulate it easily if she wanted to.  I needed  evidence to protect my kids.

On December 9, 2011, two weeks later, she jumped out of my car while I was driving and then tried to rip my daughter out of her car seat and drag her through 2 miles of farmland at night.   Even though  I had no physical evidence other than my testimony, I knew that I had to take my children to the police and report the attempted drowning incident and the driving incident.  When she realized I was going to the police she called the them before I got there and told them I was crazy and delusional.  When I got to the station with my children, Officer Luke Markiewicz refused to take my attempted murder report.  At the time I didn’t understand why but he did however take the driving incident report.  The next day she conspired with her family and friends to kidnap my kids and falsely accuse me of having a mental illness and also told them she  feared for her safety.  This added to my lack of credibility and she successfully thwarted my written report of attempted murder.

Before this, she never made any reports of any  incidents of abuse nor was there any evidence of a history of mental illness on my part.  Yet, Goshen town police and Orange County C.P.S. helped her take my children.  How?  By using her knowledge of social services, family court and psychology to mislead  them.  She capitalized on the fact that the main officer involved, Officer Stanley C. Lupinski,  was working 24 hours straight and the  incompetent C.P.S. case worker, Susan Hughes, who was assigned to the case was already being sued in a wrongful death suit that made national headlines.

With all of these factors in place she abducted my children using deception and took them to a location where they were not likely to be found by the parties involved.    She initially held them in this manner for 49 hours before she was found; 37 hours longer than the New York State Penal Law requirement for kidnapping.  Because my children were still young she easily restrained them and restricted their movements.  She did all of this to try and compel me to refrain from  reporting her crimes against my kids.    She mislead authorities by her false allegations making it look like she was trying to gain custody.  This was all to avoid being arrested for attempted murder .  She continued her deception  into family court and took  advantage of  the system she was familiar with.  By the time everyone realized that I was truly documenting everything they had all incriminated themselves by aiding her in this kidnapping.  They also accumulated significant liability.   Instead of maintaining justice, the parties involved who were already in trouble for other incidents, thought they could crush me in family court and that I would give up. Jurema Laboy Padilla successfully turned a criminal case into a family court case where a female psychiatric nurse who is the mother of three could get away with attempted murder and kidnapping.  This is why everyone helped her.  They did not want to be convicted for kidnapping, attempted murder or conspiracy.

New York State Penal Law


  1. A person is so moved or confined "without consent" when such is accomplished by deception or any means whatever, including acquiescence of the victim, he is a child less than sixteen years old and the parent, having lawful control or custody of him has not acquiesced in the movement or confinement.
  2. "Abduct" means to restrain a person with intent to prevent his liberation by either secreting or holding him in a place where he is not likely to be found.

Section 135.25 Kidnapping in the first degree

A person is guilty of kidnapping in the first degree when he abducts another person and when:

  1. His intent is to compel a third person to refrain from engaging in particular conduct
  1. He restrains the person abducted for a period of more than twelve hours with intent to:

(b) Accomplish or advance the commission of a felony; or

(d) Interfere with the performance of a governmental function

Kidnapping in the first degree is a class A-I felony.

Section 135.30 Kidnapping; defense

In any prosecution for kidnapping, it is an affirmative defense that  his sole purpose was to assume control of such person.

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