Hodos Pictures Method of Filmmaking

Christian filmmaking the way it should be.


     It is the mission of Hodos Pictures to create documentary films that do not conform to the Hollywood system of film making. Hodos Pictures investigates and obtains evidence of corruption and crime and exposes it to the world. Not to start a cause. Not to rally support. Not to call to political or legal action. And definitely not out of retaliation. Exposing is a weapon for deterring evil. Hodos Pictures will document justice, not administer for it. Hodos Pictures will not execute justice but will document justice by God, authorities or any entity that administers it. [hr]


     The power of the media is significant. When you turn on a camera or a microphone people tend to behave. When you expose injustice it deters future injustice. Hodos Pictures is a motion picture film company that utilizes all the tools of the media to fight for justice and document it. You don't have to be a law enforcement agent to enforce the law, but you do have to obey the law.
     Because I travel often I visit different churches. I go there for fellowship, worship, and to hear good preaching and teaching. I never go in thinking,"I'm going investigate this church". I go in to be part of the body of Christ, to serve, to share, and to grow. The problem is that all too often there are people in leadership who use their position for personal gain and use the bible as a tool to make a profit. Its a very common problem. That problem needs to be corrected. Many people have a problem with that. A few people don't. Hodos Pictures is not concerned about the "many". Many are called but the chosen are few and Hodos Pictures helps the "few".


     Although Hodos Pictures is an Limited Liability Company its main goal is not to make a profit. The work of Hodos Pictures is considered ministry. It is work for building the kingdom of God and spreading the gospel of Jesus. The fruit of that is peace, love, order, justice, kindness and truth. God desires that all know him and be saved. Hodos Pictures does not force or impose any beliefs. Hodos Picture shares the truth of the gospel in its entirety. There are many people in this world that need to hear the gospel. We share the love of God with those who want it. We expose false teachers who pervert that same gospel and use it as a means for personal gain. [hr]


     The bible teaches that you cannot serve both God and money. Only one can be your master. We love God and hate the other. If God chooses to bless this company then so be it. We serve God. Money is not the root of all kinds of evil. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.