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Orange County Attempted Murder and Kidnapping Cover-Up Uncovered

Here is the summary of my children’s case against the Town of Goshen Police, Orange County Family Court, Orange County CPS, Bronx A.C.S. and the 47th Precinct attempted murder and kidnapping cover-up.  I’ve been stating...


Orange County Family Court, Town of Goshen Police and CPS Implicated in Kidnapping

Ihave just released the 1 hour and 50 minute video of “The Highwaychild Investigations.”  This video is intended to be viewed by Federal and State Law Enforcement Officials. This is the case for attempted...


Tonight: A 27 Minute Sneak Peek of the Adventures of Highwaychild

The Adventures of Highwaychild The Adventures of Highwaychild |  Tonight, Hodos Pictures will be presenting a 27 minute Sneak Peek of the Adventures of Highwaychild. Exact time to be posted shortly.  Watch here tonight.  READ MORE ⇒...