Tonight: A 27 Minute Sneak Peek of the Adventures of Highwaychild

The Adventures of Highwaychild

The Adventures of Highwaychild |  Tonight, Hodos Pictures will be presenting a 27 minute Sneak Peek of the Adventures of Highwaychild. Exact time to be posted shortly.  Watch here tonight.  READ MORE ⇒

Tishin Padilla, “The Highwaychild”, is an award winning media producer and Christian Evangelist who is passionate and committed to his career, his fiance and his church. He discovers a pattern of corruption in all three and he attempts to fight it and everything falls apart simultaneously. In an attempt to make the best of the discouraging situation, he decides to move on and embarks on a solo road trip across America and documents his adventures. When he returns, he puts all the pieces back together, but the corruption has worsened and threatens to destroy his home life. Once again he fights against the corruption but this time he uses his documentary and he begins investigating and gathering evidence. He confronts the church leadership and his entire life is almost destroyed. His friends and family abandon him and his only weapons are his faith, the truth and his documentary. He uses all three to try and get it all back.


This is not a commercial video and is not for sale.

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