Pastor Irving Rivera Implicated in 2011 Kidnapping


Pastor Irving Rivera and His Motive for Helping Jurema Laboy Padilla

On December 7 of 2011, I met with Pastor Irving Rivera of Fordham Manor Reformed Church at the Comfort Inn in Goshen, NY.   I informed him that I had become aware of his history of neglect, lying, adultery, slander and false teachings.  I also let him know that I was aware that he had recently been asked to step down and that he was stalling.   I met with him to offer him my help in repenting and getting restored. I also told him that no matter what, I would have to expose this all in "The Adventures of Highwaychild" documentary.   I explained to him that if he was honest and changed his ways, that would be reflected in the documentary and he would have proven to be an honest, God fearing man. He gave me the impression that he was willing to change. He also gave me permission to follow up with him to offer some accountability. It was his decision. I was sincerely trying to help him recover from his destructive behavior over the previous 25 years.

Three days later on December 10, 2011 he conspired with Jurema Laboy Padilla, Evelyn Santos parson, Joe Parson, Lester Diaz and Carmen Diaz to try and silence me.  He spoke with officer Stanley C. Lupinski of Goshen Town Police and told him that he was concerned about me and supported my wife's allegations that I was crazy and delusional. They did all of this to discredit my reports of child abuse, attempted murder and kidnapping. I spoke with Irving in person in May of 2012 at the Bank of America in Middletown, NY.  He admitted to me that he did speak with Goshen Town Police that day and made those statements.  He also told me that he thought what I was doing was wrong in spite of the fact that he admitted that he never visited my websites or read for himself what I wrote.  I knew he was lying.

After years of stalling, one week after I notified Irving Rivera that I put up the Hodos Pictures Blog, he finally stepped down, but in customary, Reformed Church of America fashion, he was hired at another Reformed Church,  Meadow Hill Reformed Church in Newburgh, NY.

Here's some of what occurred at Fordham manor Reformed Church while Irving Rivera was Senior Pastor:

The poker Parlor Murder


Irving approved Celso Alvarez, a previously convicted felon, to be an usher at Fordham Manor Church.  Celso Alvarez was later convicted in the "Poker Parlor Murder"  that made national headlines.  Celso Alvarez was a member of Joseph Hernandez's wedding party.  Joseph Hernandez and Joseph Montalvo frequently spent time with Celso Alvarez up until his arrest.  Ceslo Alvarez was a best friend of Fordham Manor Associate Pastor Reverend Bruce T. Grady.  Celso Alvarez was found by the NYPD in Tampa Florida trying to allude authorities.  Apparently, Fordham Manor criminals love to flee to Florida.   

The Lust Samurai Killer

fordham-manor-church-lust-samuraiBetween 2001 and 2002 a man and woman started attending Fordham Manor Church.  Eventually the woman approached the leadership asking for help with her abusive husband.  I confirmed this with Vincent Harris who is currently serving as a pastor in Fordham Manor.  According to Vinny Harris, they didn't take her seriously.  They only offered some prayers.  Soon after, her husband, who was also attending Fordham Manor, chopped her up with a samurai sword killing her.  The NY Daily News called him the "Lust Samurai Killer."


Deacon Joseph Montalvo engages in at least three affairs within Fordham Manor Church

In late 2004 thru early 2005 deacon Joseph Montalvo was exposed by Robert Rodriguez and Carmen Diaz for having affairs with at least three women in Fordham Manor Church.  When the leadership became aware of this they met with Joseph Montalvo.  Instead of excommunicating him from the church or taking disciplinary measures they allowed him to quietly leave and attend another questionable church (an idea that Joseph Montalvo came up with himself.)  Two years later he was allowed to return to Fordham Manor Church and was appointed as an elder.  In a similar story, Pastor Bob Coy of Ft. Lauderdale Calvary Chaple, stepped from his position and was publicly rebuked and exposed in the national news.  Joseph Montalvo and his wife Jackie Montalvo were then allowed to start a ministry in the church that they ironically named, "R.E.A.L. Ministries."  Joe and Jackie Montalvo asked me to video tape their re-introduction back into Fordham Manor.  In this recording he jokingly admitted to having multiple affairs in Fordham Manor Church, but he changed the facts of the incidents.   He was rather smug about the whole thing.  This is the story they tell everyone when they introduce their so-called "ministry."


These are a just a few cases of what occurred over the years at Fordham Manor while Irving Rivera was Senior Pastor.  This church has created an environment that tolerates, condones, and enables immoral behavior from the leadership down.  It also ordains dangerous ex-cons who are not reformed.  Under the new Senior Pastor, Joseph Hernandez, they continued to ordain a significant number of ex-cons with serious felony offenses ranging from manslaughter to drug charges as ministers and leaders in the church.  One of these people was Jose Laboy.  Jose Laboy had just finished his second jail sentence for manslaughter and immediately began using Fordham Manor Church as a way to elevate himself.  While Jose Laboy was serving in leadership in Fordham Manor, he kidnapped his other son-in-law and put a gun to his knee threatening to shoot him.  I know this because he told me the story during my daughter's fourth birthday party.  Jose Laboy is the father of Jurema Laboy.  Fordham Manor later ordained Jose Laboy as a chaplain and has given this man significant access to Fordham Manor resources.  He is also active in R.E.A.L. Ministries and there is a photo of him on their website.

Joseph Hernandez and his wife Jessica Hernandez also conspired with Jurema Laboy Padilla in the other kidnapping case outlined in "The Highwaychild Investigations" video.

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