Palm Beach, Florida Deputy Sheriff Ralph Paone ID # 8058 | Adrian Oscar Diaz Attempts To Have Me Arrested for Harassment


Date and Time of conversation and recording:  April 11,2015, 10:40PM

Notice: Deputy Sheriff Ralph Paone of the Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff’s Department, ID #8058 consents to this recording at the start of the conversation.  This is a legal recording in the state of Florida.

Adrian Oscar Diaz’s Blatant Immorality

Instead of ending his blatant affair in front of my children with Jurema Laboy Padilla, Adrian Oscar Diaz attempted to have me arrested for harassment because I repeatedly asked him to stop conducting his  affair in front of my children.  Not only does this immoral man refuse to stop, he tries to have me sent to jail to get me out of the picture.  Any civilized man would realize that it is immoral to date a married woman and do this in broad daylight in front of children who know that mommy and daddy are still married.  Jurema Laboy Padilla and I are still legally married, not legally separated and not divorced.  She has in fact threatened to divorce me for the last five years but has yet to file.  My religious beliefs do not allow me to divorce her.  However, I am not willing to reconcile with her until she is brought to justice for her crimes against my children and myself, has undergone legal correction (prison) and learns her lesson.

About a year ago my children informed me that Adrian Oscar Diaz was sleeping over the house with them, going out on dates with my wife and doing all of this in front of our children.  I asked my wife to stop conducting her affair in front of our kids and explained to her that this was a bad example to set for our children.  Our children know that we are married and this is inappropriate behavior.  She denied that she was having an affair but admitted that he was sleeping over.  She later admitted that it was inappropriate.

It is important to note that you would have to be an idiot to believe that a single man was sleeping over and they were not having an affair.

Months after she said she would stop, my children told me again that Adrian Oscar Diaz was sleeping over, going with them to Lion Country Safari, attended my daughters seventh birthday party, (Jurema didn’t invite me and threatened to have me arrested for trespassing if I came on the property) and spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with them.  Soon after my children informed me that he was sleeping over and babysitting them while my wife was at work.

I repeatedly asked him to stop having this affair in front of my children and he threatened to shoot me, have some people sneak up on me and “put me down” and sneak up on me himself and “put me down.”   What was really insane was that after that he threatened to have me arrested for harassment which I thought was a cowardly statement considering that he just finished threatening to hurt me.  Please see this page for some text messages.  I strongly believe that only punks and cowards make threats via the phone and texts then threaten to have you arrested when you ask them to meet with you in person so they can carry it out.

They have refused to stop their affair and in customary Jurema Laboy Padilla fashion, they are now trying to have me arrested when I ask them to stop doing things to my children that are not in their best interests. I have engaged them in text conversations for three reasons:

1- To get them to stop conducting their affair in front of our kids

2- To obtain tangible evidence of the affair

3- To expose this evidence because obviously law enforcement officials in the states of Florida and New York do not consider this a problem.  Nor do they consider false allegations a crime.

It is also important to note that I point out to Deputy Sheriff Ralph Paone that my texts have a clear purpose which is the legal defense against harassment.  He dodges the legal issue at hand and tries to pass the buck to Family Court.  This was what he alleges Adrian Oscar Diaz wanted to press charges for.  Deputy Paone is oblivious to the fact or just flat out ignored that the texts have a legitimate purpose and sided with Diaz.  It is also apparent that Adrian Oscar Diaz did not show Deputy Paone his text harassing and threatening text messages to me.  Adrian Oscar Diaz attempted to abuse the law and use Deputy Paone to silence my attempts, my right, and my duty to protect my children from exposure to this immoral affair. Deputy Ralph Paone obviously fell for Diaz’s games and became a destructive weapon at Adrian and Jurema’s disposal to further their  injustices against my children.  Once again here is an example of how incompetence inexperience and bias on the part of law enforcement officials can be a useful tool for injustice.  I am currently expecting this deputy to escalate the matter and maybe show up at my rental to try and arrest me.

The only rational explanation I can come up with for Paone’s actions is that Paone is a friend of Adrian Oscar Diaz and was doing this as a favor to him.  Why else would a deputy sheriff call a suspect from a civilians phone to intervene in a situation when deputy sheriffs are issued cell phones with blocked numbers for that very purpose?  Adrian Diaz told me several times over the phone that he had friends in the sheriff’s department and would go to them to have me arrested.  It seems as if that is what he did but it didn’t work out the way he had hoped.

Deputy Paone later called me back on my same line but this time he used his police issue phone which was a blocked number and admitted that was what the phone was for.  However, he did not admit to any guilt, inappropriate behavior or wrong doing.  I am considering posting that conversation online as it was a legal recording because Paone called me on the same phone that he was previously informed was a recorded line.  His choice to speak on a line he knew was recorded is implied consent.  I monitored the visits to the site after the first conversation and saw that someone from the same area of Paone’s jurisdiction was visiting this page.  I gave Paone the web address.  His tone changed after he visited this page and realized I nailed him.  He was much more courteous and professional despite being deceptive.

Florida Statute:

784.048 Stalking; definitions; penalties.

(1) As used in this section, the term:

(a) “Harass” means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in such person and serves no legitimate purpose.

Adrian Oscar Diaz is a former member and “minister” (he worked in Fordham Manor “ministries”) at Fordham Manor Reformed Church in the Bronx.  He was also a student of the Spirit Life School at Fordham Manor.  He is one more example of the how immoral the disciples of this so called Christian church work hard at destroying families and use false allegations to avoid accounting for their sin and crimes.  Spirit Life Bible School was co-founded by Joe Montalvo, a deacon who admittedly had affairs with at least three women in Fordham Manor Church (there is even a picture of one of the women he had an affair with on his Fordham Manor’s R.E.A.L Ministry page.)  He was later ordained as an elder.  The former senior Pastor, Irving Rivera, allegedly had an affair with a member of Fordham Manor Church.  Jurema Laboy Padilla an ordained elder and former co-pastor at Fordham Manor, is now having an affair with Adrian Oscar Diaz.  Jurema Laboy is an ordained elder through Fordham Manor Reformed Church.   It is very obvious that this church encourages and tolerates adultery and covers it up.
When Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel Florida was recently exposed for committing adultery he was removed from his position.  Why do these so-called leaders of so called Christian Churches continue to remain in leadership positions when they have histories of adultery in their own church?  Why do professing Christians tolerate this sinful behavior?  The answer is clear.  These are not Christians.  Jurema Laboy Padilla and Adrian Oscar Diaz are no longer in active ministry but not because any leadership removed them from their position.  Mostly because of the “Highwaychild Investigations.”

Note to Deputy Ralph Paone,

You should have watched this Sneak Peek Video before you called me.  Welcome to the Adventures of Highwaychild Deputy!


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