Retaliation: False allegation 2 (Fails)

Retaliation: False allegation 2 (Fails)

Jurema Laboy Padilla, Evelyn Santos Parson and Joe Parson Send Goshen PD to My Home to Have Me Sent to Psych Ward

This is another act of retaliation and false allegations by Jurema Laboy.

Date: December 10, 2011, approx. 7:30PM
Location: 876 Pulaski HWY, Goshen, NY
Perpetrators: P.O. Stanley C. Lupinski and Edward Edwards, Town of Goshen PD
Jesus Cuzo and and an unidentified woman from Occupations, Inc., Middletown, NY

Description of Incident:

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]urema Laboy Padilla falsely tells Goshen PD that I’m suicidal and crazy. P.O.s Lupinski and Edwards showed up at my home with Jesus Cuzo.  I told Edwards my wife never returned and had kidnapped my kids.  Lupinski interjected and stated she didn’t kidnap the kids.  Lupinski stated that they were in “protective custody.”  Lupinski told me that the people he was with wanted to talk with me.  We go into my home. Lupinski accused me of hitting my wife with a bible that he saw on the stairs.  Lupinski accused me of harassing my wife because I recorded her taking the kids earlier that day and I recorded the conversation with her in July of 2010.  Lupinski refused to review this recording from 2010.  Lupinski stated that Jesus Cuzo wanted to evaluate me.  Lupinski was agitated.  He had been working for at least 24 hours straight and was the only officer that had been present for every incident. He was controlling the events from the beginning until this point.  Lupinski informed me that my wife told the officers I had a mental illness and that I was delusional and paranoid. I respectfully declined to go with them to psych ward.  I explained to them that my wife was misleading them. I explained she was trying not to be arrested for the previous drowning incident and had falsely accused my in the past when I had taken steps to protect my children.  He didn’t care.  They assessed me in my home for about 45 minutes and they left.  No arrest. Np charges.  Officer Edwards wrote in his report that “there are negative findings for a mental health arrest by their agency (Occupations, Inc.) or the police department.”

Evidence Location Type Timecode
P.O. Edwards Report Image Below police report N/A
P.O. Edwards Report Image Below police report N/A
Florida Petition Image Below court petition N/A

P.O. Stanley Lupinski, Edwards and Jurema Laboy | Attempted False Arrest Video

This video is cued up to this incident.


Officer Lupinski and Jesus Cuzo try to mislead me into coming with them to receive an evaluation.   I respectfully decline.  The end of Officer Edwards’ report (above photo) clearly states that there was no evidence or reason for a mental health arrest and no evidence of mental illness.

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