Orange County Family Court, Town of Goshen Police and CPS Implicated in Kidnapping


A father who loves his kids, God, justice and the truth.

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  1. Catherine Hamon says:

    I understand your pain as that went through so much of what you went through they gave my only child to an irresponsible father they also claimed that I I had mental problems they would not accept full board certified psychiatric reports that stated I had nothing they would not check his criminal record they violated every single one of my rights and without my knowledge they get full custody and he took her to the state of Florida and now my child is suffering. They have destroyed so many lives so many families and I don’t even think he could ever be fixed I hope to God there is a recourse what these people have done is unfathomable Unforgivable and I heard everyone to speak out just as this man has my heart goes out to you as I know mine is broken every day

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