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Palm Beach, Florida Deputy Sheriff Ralph Paone ID # 8058 | Adrian Oscar Diaz Attempts To Have Me Arrested for Harassment

Date and Time of conversation and recording:  April 11,2015, 10:40PM Notice: Deputy Sheriff Ralph Paone of the Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff’s Department, ID #8058 consents to this recording at the start of the conversation.  This...


Tonight: A 27 Minute Sneak Peek of the Adventures of Highwaychild

The Adventures of Highwaychild The Adventures of Highwaychild |  Tonight, Hodos Pictures will be presenting a 27 minute Sneak Peek of the Adventures of Highwaychild. Exact time to be posted shortly.  Watch here tonight.  READ MORE ⇒...


Jurema Laboy Padilla admits to physically hurting her children in anger and refuses to stop

Date and time of recording: ‎Thursday, ‎July ‎29, ‎2010, ‏‎12:10:48 AM On November 25, 2011 I witnessed Jurema Laboy Padilla trying to drown her own son when he was nine months old.  I intervened...

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